The Barolosolo Company

The Barolosolo Company was created in 2006 after a collective experience with the Baro d’Evel circus company. It gets its name from this collaboration : the artists of Baro d’Evel was called the “Barolos”. It’s settled in Villesèquelande, close to Carcassonne, France, but it’s looking towards France and the world (went on international tour several times)
The company has begun with an outdoor solo circus show, called “Le chariot” (Carryall), an intimist and offbeat show about England.
The company has developed a musical, poetic and offbeat style, switching between several artistic forms to touch a large audience.
So it performs outdoor as well as indoor, for general or school public.
Through its shows the company tries also to find new ways to practice circus, by working around objects and their offbeat utilities.
The music is preponderant in the shows, it’s played live, the circus artists being also musicians.
So in 2010 and 2011 the Company created “O temps d’O” and “Île O”, this time the subject is water…
For those two creations (one during 70 minutes indoor, the other 42 mn outdoor) the action takes place in a bandstand filled with 30 centimeters (10 inches) of water…
In those clownish shows, we let ourselves go towards an absurd and dreamlike world, in which the water becomes a new partner, so our connection with circus and music changes.
With those two performances the company has taken an international dimension, this duo having acted more than 300 times around the world.
(Sydney: Australia / Kiev, Lviv, Donesk, Odessa: Ukraine / Marrakech, Tahanaout : Marroco/ Sao Paolo and Recife: Brazil / New-York city NY, New Haven CT, Houston TX : USA/ Montreal: Canada/ Moscow: Russia/ Tavira: Portugal/ Reus, Valladolid, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona…. : Spain/ London: England/ Stockolm, Malmo: Sueden/ Copenhague : Danemark/ Shenyang and Chengdu : China/ Amsterdam, Zwolle, Purmerend… : Netherlands/ Mons, Brussells, Tournai, Hasselt…: Belgium/ Graz, Austria/ Geneva: Switzerland/ and Other countries like Germany or Mexico.

For more than three years the company has been preparing a great new project called “Balad’O” (traipse, walk..)
This time it’s about picturing a way to practice circus and to play music in aquatic area like rivers, canals, pools or lakes.
For that matter the company has created a freak family, half human half sea-animal, with prosthesis like crab claws, heron beak… And it will work on several types of shows and ways to write them, it goes from an intimist hiking-show to a one hour on-site show for a large public, in order to be adapted to different kinds of areas and demands.
At last the company has recorded two albums : “ À l’orange” and “CD en l’O”, in which we can find musics of the shows and other songs. You will have more information in the Music page.