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This show was born in 2006, after a re-do of  “le Chariot”. « Le Chariot » has been performed more than 100 times in France and Europe. It’s Barolosolo’s first creation. « Le Chariot2 » is a street solo circus featuring the handling of objects.

The subject

You watch this show like you watch people passing by, walking along paths, slowly…

With his bike full of boxes, the character settles in front of the audience and tells us stories about his knick-knacks and souvenirs from his trips, those small things that stuck to your shoe: a worn cup of tea, a file for feet callus, bells for singing, matches, a sugar bowl….
Walk today, walk tomorrow. By dint of walking we go far.
There’s also circus, the performance that makes him live, that makes us watch him, what remain of him as an acrobatic carrier creates and waltzes with his cello in balance on chairs.
And then there is the rhythm : the songs of his bike spokes, the wash sounds, the bells, the whistle of his kettle, people from here or there whom we and whom we sing a little bit further….